STATUS: Currently in production

About The Project: "Dark Souls" is a low-budget independent feature, a supernatural thriller being produced in Canberra, Australia. Production will take place mid-2007, with post-production expected to be finalised late 2007. The film has been written and will be directed by Patrick J Gallagher.

In 2006, Gallagher’s feature-length screenplay “Whispers & Bones”, also a supernatural thriller, placed in the Top 16 of the Project Greenlight: Australia competition.

The Caliburn Productions plan is to produce “Dark Souls” on as low a budget as possible, then use the finished product as a calling card to try and obtain more substantial backing for the production of “Whispers & Bones”.

As well as acting as a production sample, “Dark Souls” will also look for distribution in its own right.

Synopsis: Carrie Nolan is struggling to remember something she'd rather forget; the deaths of three of her friends at the hands of a psychopath. Only Carrie escaped with her life, but the psychopath is still at large, and now it seems he wants to finish what he started. With the killer closing in, Carrie begins to doubt her sanity as events unfold which could only seem to have a supernatural explanation...