Podcasting is a relatively new direction for the Caliburn Productions team, so at present the available content is a bit thin.


While presently only covering the Hunt A Killer subscription game, the intention is to eventually branch out to cover topics such as Australian Ozploitation movies, and Fortean phenomena, as well as some dramatised content.

Hunt A Killer is a monthly subscription game, where participants are sent a package each month from a "pen pal" incarcerated in an asylum. Not unlike the notorious Hannibal Lecter, this pen pal enjoys playing games, sending clues to an unfolding, mysterious narrative that the players must try to unravel.


Pat, Silvana and Anna (along with the occasional guest) put on their detective hats to advance their thoughts and theories on each month's package. In between, they'll discuss unsolved murders from the past, starting with the little-known 19th Century "Thames Torso Murders", featuring a rival to the infamous Jack the Ripper.